Yang Chen's wife, and she is the CEO of Category:Yu Lei International


A slim waist was a beautiful and well-rounded butt and a white jade sculpture-like sexy figure that would cause excitement in the blood of all men. Her head of long black hair when neatly tied up, allows her graceful swan-like snow-white neck even more dazzling. If it were just these it would still be bearable, what makes her truly irresistible is that heaven-sent face, which was beautiful to the point it makes one powerless against it.


Cold and indifferent. She has a mature, city woman’s high self-esteem nature, along with that innocent childishness but she isn't that gentle. Whenever it comes to romance, she becomes like a shy college girl.


Granddaughter of Lin Zhiguo who is the leader of Yellow Flame Iron Brigade. She is also given the leadership of Yu Lei International at a very young age.


Ever since she was little, only her mother and her grandma were by her side. She never even caught a glimpse of her father's shadow. Furthermore, even though she doesn’t like Xu Zhihong, her father Lin Kun pressurized her repeatedly to marry him.


  • She recognizes Yang Chen as her husband when he saves her from a kidnapping planned by her father.
  • She doesn't want to face her grandfather at the beginning who didn't even come when her grandmother passed away.