She is a researcher and has many disciples all over the globe.

Appearance Edit

A Caucasian woman who had chestnut-colored curls, a tall physique, and shapely curves. She has light violet eyeshadow, red lips, and beautiful indolent eyes. Although her skin isn’t very white, it still looks fair under the light.

She uses a Western woman’s unique perspective to interpret the charm which Huaxia women pursued.

Personality Edit

She has a noble aura around her. She is a very calm and smart person with determined will to achieve what she wants.

Background Edit

She comes from a noble family. She is known as the smartest woman in the world who can create everything if she wants.

History Edit

Back when Yang Chen was abroad, he had saved her and her mother Catherine, from that day onwards these mother and daughter idolize Yang Chen and are ready to follow him wherever he goes. He refused her advances in their relationship because he always viewed her as a "young generation" thinking that he is older than her. He said that he has seen her grow since young and he cannot have any feelings towards her because of that, until Lin Ruoxi told him that it was called "Childhood Friends".

When she was kidnaped by her disciple and made to create a strong weapon, her disciple lost his willpower and wanted to take her as his woman by force, she was aware of it and also created a strong poison to kill herself because the only person she loves is Yang Chen.

When Yang Chen arrived, she was on the verge of dying and, crying, he finally accepted her feelings and she dispelled the poison by herself. The poison had a cure but she waited for Yang Chen to arrive for her to confess her feelings and be finally accepted.